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Congratulations to the following customers on their purchase of J Bar E Ranch horses.

- Congratulations to Megan Swann on her purchase of Instant Technicolor

- Congratulations to Jolene Papanicolaou on her purchase of Imnotkiddinimachamp.

- Congratulations to Jason Torpey on his purchase of Colonelsmokingnowata.

- Congratulations to Ashley and Lanny Overholt on their purchase of Colonelsmokingcody.

- Gilead Susman on his purchase of ColonelsInstant Color.

- Karie Lynn Tucker on her purchase of the Weanling Colt by Topsail T Princess and Colonelsmokingpep

- Carla Brown on her purchase of Gospel Gun

- Hailey Jones on her purchase of Topsail T Princess

- Ashley Overholt on her purchase of Colonelsmokingbonbon

- Debbie Crafton on her purchase of Diggin Moonshine

- Congratulations to Jonna Thomas on her purchase of Five Star Flash

- Chuck and Lacey Deputy on their purchase of FFR Hollywood Melody and her 2015 Gunnatrashya colt.

- Carla Brown on her purchase of Bonnies Prayer

- Maurice Robinson on his purchase of Colonelsmokingwhiteout - 2015

- Marco Formentin on his purchase of Instant Gunner - 2015

- Tracy Massoth on her purchase of Colonelsmokingsugar - 2015

- Chris Ballard on his purchase of Colonelsmokingsantiago - 2014

- Gwyn Haskins on her purchase of Colonelsmokingflash - 2014

- Drew and Melissa Collins on their purchase of ColonelsmokingMelody - 2014

- Kim Nelson on her purchase of Rawhides Mercedes - 2014

- Valerie Ball on her purchase of Steel Magnolia - 2014

- Jerry Fowler on his purchase of Moonshine Banjo - 2014

- Doris and Luke Wells on their purchase of Prayer Bear - 2014

- Jason Singleton on his purchase of Big Hearted Doll - 2014

- Kim White on her purchase of Colonelsmokingheart - 2014

- Jackie & Tina Davis on their purchase of Colonelsmokingdoll - 2014

- Kelly Lind on her purchase of Instant Walla Walla - 2014

- Drew and Melissa Collins on their purchase of Dun Gotta Big Heart - 2014

- Lynn Dee Melvin on her purchase of Colonels Boogie Jac - 2013

- Francis Mercier on his purchase of Colonelsmokingcody - 2013

- Ray Miello on his purchase of Colonelsmokingbud - 2013

- Jerrel and JJ Hanson on their purchase of QTS Crystal Lena - 2013

- Laura Sealy on her purchase of Dox Sugartail and Lenas Little Bar - 2013

- William and Britney Haug on their purchase of Colonelsmokingreba - 2012

- Mandy Spencer on her purchase of Bears Royal Princess - 2012

- Donny Young on his purchase of Roll Back Willie - 2012

- Cindy Vandiver on her purchase of Lenas Lil Bear - 2011

- Tommy Crum on her purchase of QTS Crystal Bear - 2010

- BJ Poling on her purchase of Cee Hollywood Bear - 2010

- Jackie Davis on his purchase of Boggies Flashy Cielo - 2010

- Earl McCulloch on his purchase of FFR Lady Be Great - 2010

- Robert McCulloch on his purchase of Solanos Bear - 2010

- Sandy Kaplan on her purchase of Instant Prayer - 2009

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Bobbie Harrels mare by Colonelsmokingpep x Shanes Tuff Trouble in training with Nick Valentine.

Marcie Walkers mare out of Colonelsmokingpep x Haidas Magic Saya