- Horse Rental for lessons: $250 per month

- Lessons: $35 for Horsemanship with outside Trainer, $35 for Reining with outside trainer

- Horse Sales - dependent on the horse.


Colonelsmokingpep - $1000 (includes chute fee and first insemination) standing in 2017.


Insemination Fee $250 per cycle. Includes ultrasounding as needed.

Foaling Fee $350 per foal. Includes on site delivery with Foal Alert system, dipping navel, worming mare, Foal Response.

All veterinary care must be covered by the owner of the mare. On call veterinarian Dr. John O'Brien.

Boarding Fee

- In at night and Out during the day $12/day plus hay and feed.

- In day and night $14/day plus feed and hay.

- Out day and night $10/day plus feed and hay.